How to Make Video Testimonials that Work | The Four Steps to a Successful Case Story



If you’re following me on this journey, you’re going to hear often about how much I hate video testimonials.


It’s nothing personal, really. But it’s for practical reasons.


You’re going to find out more about the ‘WHY’ later on.


For now, so that everyone can understand what I’m referring to, I’m going to call them Video Testimonials.


But as we move further down the road, we will be calling them VIDEO. CASE. STORIES.


Because people buy stories– not testimonials. 


Video Testimonials ARE Your Edge


Customer testimonial videos are your edge because of ONE THING: Relatability.


See, I guarantee you that with your one great story, THOUSANDS of other people might be able to relate with their own similar stories that are unique to them.


And using those stories, YOU CAN SELL ANYTHING–


Provided that the product you sell is amazing, testimonial videos will skyrocket your sales if done right.


But how do you do it right? 


Watch the full video to learn how to make successful video testimonials.


STEP 1: Planning Out the Customer Interview


Have you ever tried running without a direction?


It’s exhausting and wastes so much of your time because you just don’t have that sense of guiding yourself towards something.


That same idea applies when it comes to your customer interview.


It is important to plan things out beforehand to be able to determine a GOAL.


“What do I want from them?”


“How do I want this to turn out?”


You should ask yourself these types of questions as you prepare the flow of your conversation for the customer interview.


Because you’re never gonna get the response that brings out emotions if you rush in without a plan.


STEP 2: Collect the Video Interview Responses


How do you ask them?


Who do you ask for them?


Figuring out the HOW in collecting the interview responses is CRUCIAL.


Because by determining HOW you’re going to unlock MOMENTS in their stories.


And depending on the different ways that you ask, you’re gonna find different versions of these MOMENTS that might be more powerful than the other.


Once you’ve started to collect the interview responses, it’s time to enter the next phase:


STEP 3: Crafting the Responses into Video Testimonials


Although you will only be limited to the footage you have, there are different ways to tell a story.


These different ways have different places wherein they are most suitable to be shown. 


This same thing applies to your testimonial videos. 


They can be told in different ways, in different places, and for different purposes.


These video testimonials can be used to generate TRAFFIC, CONVERSION, and LEADS.


So, knowing how you want to craft these testimonial videos will help you bring out a much more meaningful message.


STEP 4: Delivering Your Video Testimonials


I’m talking about optimizing your video testimonials 


Where are you going to put them?


TONS of mistakes are being made as other businesses put out their video testimonials.



Normally, people put them around the testimonials page.


Frankly, that’s the WORST PLACE to put them in.


Video testimonials should be used in DIFFERENT WAYS–


–YouTube, LinkedIn, Email, and plenty of other platforms out there.


It’s just a matter of having the right strategy.




Because just missing out on one of these steps could mean wasting hours of your valuable time and resources.


So think through these thoroughly, to create the BEST video testimonials for your business– or should I say VIDEO CASE STORIES.


If you’re not sure where to begin or you want a simple, done-for-you solution to your video case stories, schedule a call with one of our video case story experts today!