How to Ask for Video Testimonials: Tips and Strategies

You should NOT ask video testimonials. 

We’ll get to that in a second…

Video case stories, or customer stories, are powerful tools that can greatly benefit your sales and marketing efforts. By collecting video testimonials from satisfied customers, you can rank higher in Google and YouTube search results, improve conversions, and enhance your PPC campaigns and email follow-ups.

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At VideoCAseStory we dedicated the past 15 years to refining the act of asking for amazing Customer Stories, Interviewing your customers both remotely and live, crafting amazing customer story videos and having the best strategies for improving your customer stories.

Testimonials stink and thats why we strive to be better than the best Video Testimonial Production Service

But, how do you ask for video testimonials without sounding pushy or self-promoting? Here are some tips and strategies to help you get started:

Ask for stories, not video testimonials

  1. The number one rule to ask for customer video testimonials is to ask them to share their story, not talk about you or your features. Ask them how they use your product or service and how it has impacted their life. People buy stories, pay attention to stories, and remember stories.

Ask for customer stories throughout the customer journey

  1. Asking for customer stories should be an ongoing process that happens throughout the entire customer journey. This can include Zoom or online meetings, customer appreciation days, or setting up regular video shoots. Regularly asking for customer stories will help you collect a variety of stories that can be used in different marketing campaigns.

Create a system for asking for customer stories

  1. Having a system in place for collecting customer stories is crucial to making sure you don’t overlook this important aspect of sales and marketing. You can start by setting up milestones for when you’ll ask for stories, creating a list of customers you want to collect stories from, and having email templates and texting systems ready to go.

Assign someone to collect video testimonials (You know we mean Video case stories)

  1. It’s important to have someone on your team dedicated to collecting customer stories. This person can be responsible for identifying stories, creating email templates, and keeping track of where each story is in the system. They can also update your customer story bank, or video case story tackle box, to make sure it remains fresh and relevant.

Ask multiple people to share their stories on video

  1. If your service affects the lives of your customers and their friends or family, consider asking multiple people to share their stories. This will give a deeper insight into the customer’s experience and provide more data for future marketing campaigns.

Ask for the real customer transformation on video

  1. Asking for video testimonials that showcase the real transformation of a customer’s life after using your product or service can display the real value of what you offer. This can be done at the conclusion of your project or down the road, as people’s lives transform.

Work with experts to collect video testimonial production (we mean video case stories)

  1. If you want to streamline the process of collecting customer stories, consider working with a team of experts like We can provide email templates, create custom questions, and handle the production of remote or live video testimonials. This is an easy way to collect the best video testimonials and enhance your marketing efforts.

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In conclusion, asking for customer stories is an ongoing process that requires a system and dedicated team members. By asking for stories and not testimonials, assigning someone to collect video case stories, and working with experts, you can enhance your marketing efforts and tell powerful stories through your customer’s eyes.


How to ask for Video Testimonials

The importance of Video Testimonials (Video Case Stories)

As we’ll talk about in a minute we want to get rid of the word video test fails and use the word stories video case stories but for seo’s purposes we are using the word video testimonials video case stories your customer stories are the most powerful sales marking operation tool you can find you can use video case stories 

  • In and cold calling campaigns and email
  •  to rank higher in the two most important search engines Google and YouTube
  •  too 400% increase the conversion of your website
  •  improve your Google ads/ppc campaigns
  •  email follow-up email nurture


There’s at least 50 ways to use customer stories / video case stories ( not video testimonials)  in your business and you can download them here 

Your A customer Story videos are customer Story videos are so important that’s why we’ve dedicated our business and start every sales and marketing campaign to video case stories for the past 15 years.  we strive to be better than the best video testimonial service there is.

Video case stories are so important and that’s why you need to learn how to ask note for video testimonials  but for video case stories.


The #1 Rule of How to Ask For Video Testimonials


The number one rule to ask a customer for a video testimonial is to never ask for a video testimonial when you ask for video testimonial they will talk about you, they will talk about your  features you don’t want your clients and customers to talk about you you want them to talk about them you want to talk about their stories. That’s why you have to ask them the right questions. Ask them how they are using your product or service and how it impacted their life, how did it help their​​ a powerful way that will let other potential customers know what kind of. 

People buy stories people pay attention to stories people remember stories so the number one most important thing from her and learning how to ask for video testimonials is to ask them to share their story


Ask for Video Testimonials/Customer Stories often

After you learn to ask your customers for stories instead of video testimonials the next most important thing is to ask often you want to be asking for video testimonials throughout the entire customer Journey and if you’re asking for stories instead of video testimonials it is not annoying you are asking a person to share their experience wish they will want to the kept to getting great video test models in a collection of them over time so ask often and you will soon be able to tell a powerful story through your customer’s eyes.

Your regularly asking customers to share their experience on video and tell their story your train them to give you feedback.   this will also help you to collect the best stories cuz they will get used to sharing their story.

Asking for customers to share their stories both in Zoom and online as well as setting up regular video shoots is important you can ask them to come in to customer appreciation days. 

It is important to be collecting the video of your customer stories as soon as often as possible because the stories can disappear quickly and it is important to have a constant stream of stories in order to keep your customer testimonials fresh. You may also want to consider setting up an online survey on a regular basis so you can easily collect customer feedback that can be used for future video projects. Additionally, having interviews with customers or filming them during their everyday life may help capture.


Create a System for asking for customer stories video testimonials

One of the simplest systems for collecting amazing customer stories this is start with MPS scores net promoter scores ask for on a scale of 1 to 10 how you are doing.  on a customer gives you an 89 or 10 you can then ask for the video case story systematizing the collection of video testimonials AKA video case stories is crucial because time is short and it’s easy to overlook this fundamental of sales marketing and business development.

In creating a system for asking for video of your customer stories  there are several things you need to do first you should set up a regular Milestones of when you’re asking for customer stories next you should have a system for reviewing the customer story before asking that’s why we created the case story tackle box system.  

You want a list of all the customers who stories you want to collect as well as when you’ll want to collect them and what stories which facets almost stories you want to collect next you want to have email templates ready to go As well as texting systems you’ll want to install and specific milestones and points in the project to ask for the video case stories you’ll also want to have a specific person that is job is to ask For the customer story if no one is assigned to it I just won’t happen when you do ask for the customer story you’ll also want to make sure it’s as seamless as possible to collect the customer story,  and to have the best system possible for collecting amazing customer stories.


Sent regular Milestones to ask for video testimonials / customer stories

You should install milestones in every project and every point in the customer journey to ask for customer story videos. Depending on your industry, it could be before they purchase, after they’ve purchased, etc. You should also make sure you’re sending regular reminders to customers who have yet to contribute a customer story video. That way your customer story bank stays full and can be used as an effective marketing tool.

Finally, make sure you have someone on your team dedicated to regularly updating your customer story bank, what we call the Case Story Tackle Box. It’s critical that you keep the content fresh and relevant so that it remains an effective marketing tool. Keeping up with customers can be a lot of work, but it’s important to make sure their stories are accurately represented in your marketing materials.


Email Follow up system for asking for Customer Stories


We are all very busy so does crucial that you ask for customer stories not only often but follow up with those people.  even if they want to do it they may forget and if they want to do it they might hesitate as well this is why it’s crucial to ask for a story and not a testimonial and to show them how easy it is for them to share their story.

Person Dedicated to Asking for Video Testimonials ( You know whe mean Video Case Stories)

Is important that you have a person whose job is collecting video case stories.   you want to arm this person with the email templates and email system a task list in a way for regular identifying the stories and element of stories we do all this at video and the base for this whole system is the video case story tackle box cuz once you do ask for the case stories you want to know where they are in the system as well as once you collect them you’ll have a one place for housing them and for creating a strategy around using your customer Story videos.


Ask other people for Video Testimonials


If your service affects the lives of your customers as well as lives of their family friends business you want to ask multiple people to share their stories this will give an in-depth video that can really tell a deeper customer story and this won’t prove the engagement of the video the conversion rate in the video as well as give you much more data for future marketing and campaigns ask for the real transformation on video it is one thing to get a customer story at the conclusion of your project whether you’re a lawyer at the end of a case or digital agency when you exploded their business or you get a video testimonial where your MedSpa whatever the way is that you are collecting and asking for video test miles you won’t want to also ask down the road because people’s lives transform  when you ask for video testimonial of the real transformation you are displaying the real value of your product or service  the easiest and fastest way to ask for video testimonials that land the big fish.

Working with and our expert team is the easiest way to ask for video testimonials we provide you with the email templates to introduce us and once you introduce us we take care of everything from there we will create the strategy around what store you want to collect.

We will crack the custom questions we will follow up with your customer to get them on video we can plan either remote video testimonial production or live video testimony and production we have experience in almost every field and service from lawyers doctors dentists digital agencies SAS products business coaches and Consultants financial industry is one of the easiest things you can do on your quest to ask for the best video testimonial.