How Video Testimonials Can Help You Close Customers Faster

Did you know that Video Testimonials could help you CHARGE MORE and CLOSE CLIENTS FASTER?



In this blog, I’m going to reveal the three most effective methods to use your Video Testimonials, that not many people are doing.




Yes, you could send out LENGTHY emails about how great you are, or even the actual stories of your customers…


But give your email list a break.


Who wants to read a mile-long email when you could just send them 2-minute clips of your customer stories that are more than enough to convince them?


These are easy referrals sent in a way that is appealing to many.




Retargeting is when a customer views at least one of your ads or content, giving you the ability to target them with another set of ads that are even more suitable for them.


Now, there’s a reason why these people are being retargeted.


They have already shown interest in your product or service.


And retargeting them with an ad that shows them REAL customer stories, who are telling them about how you’ve helped them, is the perfect way to push them further down the funnel.


Heck, they might even end up getting closed faster.



Because again, Video Testimonials are referrals.


Unfortunately, it is a low-hanging fruit that very few people think about.


So do what you will with that knowledge.




These are 5, 6, and 7-minute video testimonials that tell a full story of customer experiences.


“But no one wants to watch long-form videos.”


Let me tell you about one of our clients where we made an 8-minute compilation of Video Testimonials.


We had the audience watch the full video, and guess what?




The logic behind that is simple.


People are there already wanting to buy.


All they are waiting for is something to convince them to pursue their purchase.


These stories are what push them by saying “Hey, these people aren’t so different from you, and here’s how we helped them.”


That is why longer-form content is no doubt effective in helping you CLOSE YOUR CUSTOMERS FASTER.


And here’s a bonus tip…


Put these longform video testimonials on your ‘About Us’ page.


This is going to help potential clients achieve their goal of learning more about you and your stories as they visit your ‘About Us’ page.



As I always say: Video Testimonials, or should I say Video Case Stories, are extremely powerful tools that create more opportunities for your marketing and your business.


And if you’re still in the phase of trying to figure out whether you should use it or not, let me tell you that YOU GOTTA GET INTO IT.


Because your business and your future clients are counting on you.


If you’re not sure where to begin or you want a simple, done-for-you solution to your video case stories, schedule a call with one of our video case story experts today!