Video Marketing for Digital Agency Lands Large Fortune50 Clients

Video Marketing for Digital Agency Lands Large Fortune50 Client

Do you hate RFPs? Big corporations always have a Request For Proposal process. RFPs are the bane of any professional service. They hardly take into consideration the quality of the work. 

RFPs don’t get to have a discussion with the decision-makers. You can’t identify or speak to the real issues. It also sets the creator of the RFP up for failure. The perceived success of the project is an amalgam of things that just don’t go together.

Bad Rhino suffered from “Cobbler’s Kids” syndrome, like almost every Digital Agency. They were a digital agency that wasn’t doing any major marketing for their agency. They were just another Social Media Agency competing for the same business. 

I would like to say the video strategy made them millionaires overnight. 

It didn’t. It took six months. 

Marty, the founder, had done video before but knew something was missing. It took Marty a few years before he pulled the trigger on working with us.

Being chosen by great marketers like Marty is like being the Doctor’s doctor. 

Once we started, Marty went through our Storyboard Blueprint Strategy to identify the videos in their clients’ journey, as well as shape their Stories- their about us video and process videos. 

These videos are key to conversion. These are some of the best videos to help you stand out and present your Unique Value Proposition.

The absolute best videos are Video Case Stories. 

We told the story of Marty’s history with Direct Response Marketing and Creating Social Media Strategies that drive sales, not just likes. We created an SEO strategy and worked with Marty’s team as they ran YouTube ads and retargeting. 

No complex funnel. No PPC. Nothing else.

About 5 months in, they started to see some results. A few months later they got a call from a major airline. 

“I’ll get you a proposal,” Marty said

“We don’t need that. We’ve watched all of your videos. You’re the right one.”

RFP skipped. Six-figure contract in hand. 

Videos sell for you. Stories sell. The other thing we demonstrated here, videos let you get in front of all the stakeholders. That’s why I love YouTube. 

When someone goes to your YouTube channel, they know how YouTube works. They feel comfortable clicking over and over. When the content is great, they watch longer. Then YouTube shows them more of you. For FREE.

They hear your voice. They see your face. This triggers the “Oprah Effect,” making you an authority. It’s actually called the mere exposure effect in psychology. It means the more people see and hear you, the more they like and trust you.

It’s an irresistible force. 

The messaging was on point. It spoke to the pains of Bad Rhino’s ideal clients. We also had their clients speaking to these pain points in Case Stories. Since working with us, Bad Rhino has gone all-in on YouTube for their Agency and seen almost 300% growth. 

Listen to Marty talk about his experience with video, and how it has helped grow his business.