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How to Get More Leads Using Video Testimonials | Where Should They Be Placed?

By Ian Garlic | Aug 8, 2022

Are you looking to generate more leads?     Previously, we’ve talked about how video case stories can improve your traffic, how video case stories are WAY better than video testimonials, and the reason why we refer to Video Testimonials as Video Case Stories.   So before reading forward, learn why you should never use…

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Why You Should Never Use Video Testimonials (and What You Should Do Instead)

By Ian Garlic | Aug 3, 2022

Don’t EVER use Video Testimonials.   I’m gonna say this over and over again throughout my blog posts, but VIDEO TESTIMONIALS STINK.   WHY?   Because people want stories.   And although testimonials are supposed to be a story, people mistakenly think of testimonials as a recommendation for their business– about how GREAT your business…

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How to Make Video Testimonials that Work | The Four Steps to a Successful Case Story

By Ian Garlic | Aug 1, 2022

I HATE VIDEO TESTIMONIALS.   If you’re following me on this journey, you’re going to hear often about how much I hate video testimonials.   It’s nothing personal, really. But it’s for practical reasons.   You’re going to find out more about the ‘WHY’ later on.   For now, so that everyone can understand what…

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The Two Most Powerful Video Testimonial Questions to Create the Best Customer Stories

By Ian Garlic | Jun 22, 2022

Video testimonials are one of the most powerful ways to communicate your customers’ stories to your audience.   Heck, we wouldn’t even call it Video “Testimonials,” because it is more than just a testimonial that says, “Hey this company did great!”   What we want is to harvest that great story from the very beginning to…

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Video Marketing for Digital Agency Lands Large Fortune50 Clients

By Ian Garlic | Mar 10, 2022

Video Marketing for Digital Agency Lands Large Fortune50 Client Do you hate RFPs? Big corporations always have a Request For Proposal process. RFPs are the bane of any professional service. They hardly take into consideration the quality of the work.  RFPs don’t get to have a discussion with the decision-makers. You can’t identify or speak to…

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