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How to Make a Video Case Study That WORKS | Creating Case Stories That Attract Your Ideal Client

By Ian Garlic | Sep 24, 2022

When it comes to marketing, video is one of the most powerful tools out there.    It can be used to reach a wide audience quickly and effectively, which is why so many businesses are using video as part of their marketing strategy.    And while video can be great for promoting your products or…

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How to Plan Video Testimonials | Creating EFFECTIVE Customer Testimonials

By Ian Garlic | Aug 24, 2022

This is the most important step in creating Video Testimonials (Actually, Video Case Stories, but you should know what I’m referring to by now).   You’re going to learn the most basic aspects of planning your customer interview: What do you want them to do? Who do you want to target? How are we gonna…

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Why Video Testimonials Work | Customer Stories that Convert

By evolveAdmin | Aug 15, 2022

Before anything, let me remind you that we are only using the term ‘Video Testimonials’ for SEO purposes.   And what we really want are VIDEO CASE STORIES.   Why?   Because STORIES WORK.     In this blog post, you’re going to discover the very reasons why stories work and how you could use…

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Using Video Testimonials to LOVE Your Business More

By Ian Garlic | Aug 12, 2022

Here’s how a typical entrepreneur progresses as their business grows: You just started your business and are extremely passionate about it Sales begin to grow along with profits Everything begins to feel robotic and repetitive You begin to hate your business and your clients Work begins to be the total opposite of FUN   This…

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How Video Testimonials Can Help You Close Customers Faster

By Ian Garlic | Aug 10, 2022

Did you know that Video Testimonials could help you CHARGE MORE and CLOSE CLIENTS FASTER?     In this blog, I’m going to reveal the three most effective methods to use your Video Testimonials, that not many people are doing.   #1 SENDING VIDEO TESTIMONIALS TO YOUR EMAIL LIST   Yes, you could send out…

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How to Get More Leads Using Video Testimonials | Where Should They Be Placed?

By Ian Garlic | Aug 8, 2022

Are you looking to generate more leads?     Previously, we’ve talked about how video case stories can improve your traffic, how video case stories are WAY better than video testimonials, and the reason why we refer to Video Testimonials as Video Case Stories.   So before reading forward, learn why you should never use…

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Why You Should Never Use Video Testimonials (and What You Should Do Instead)

By Ian Garlic | Aug 3, 2022

Don’t EVER use Video Testimonials.   I’m gonna say this over and over again throughout my blog posts, but VIDEO TESTIMONIALS STINK.   WHY?   Because people want stories.   And although testimonials are supposed to be a story, people mistakenly think of testimonials as a recommendation for their business– about how GREAT your business…

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How to Make Video Testimonials that Work | The Four Steps to a Successful Case Story

By Ian Garlic | Aug 1, 2022

I HATE VIDEO TESTIMONIALS.   If you’re following me on this journey, you’re going to hear often about how much I hate video testimonials.   It’s nothing personal, really. But it’s for practical reasons.   You’re going to find out more about the ‘WHY’ later on.   For now, so that everyone can understand what…

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The Two Most Powerful Video Testimonial Questions to Create the Best Customer Stories

By Ian Garlic | Jun 22, 2022

Video testimonials are one of the most powerful ways to communicate your customers’ stories to your audience.   Heck, we wouldn’t even call it Video “Testimonials,” because it is more than just a testimonial that says, “Hey this company did great!”   What we want is to harvest that great story from the very beginning to…

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